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AQ-@-1460-SPL BLACKSTONE-NEY AQ-@-1460-SPL Stock #:403716Year:2012Description:2012 BLACKSTONE-NEY AQ-@-1460-SPL Ultrasonic Cleaning System Aquarius AQII-4-1218 BLACKSTONE-NEY Aquarius AQII-4-1218 Stock #:601345Year:2004Description:2004 Blackstone-NEY Aquarius AQ11-4-1218 3 Bay Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner with Robotic Pick and Place Controls, Tytan Water Heater 13HT-1014-6 CREST 13HT-1014-6 Stock #:601869Description:(2) Crest 13-HT-1014-6 & 5HT-1014-6-OFE Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks 4HT-1826-18-OFESP CREST 4HT-1826-18-OFESP Stock #:601349Description:(2) Crest 4HT-1826-18-OFESP Ultrasonic Washer 4HT-1826-18-OFESP CREST 4HT-1826-18-OFESP Stock #:601348Description:(2) Crest 4HT-1826-18-OFESP Ultrasonic Washer 5 Station CREST 5 Station Stock #:601966Description:Crest 5-Station Ultrasonic Cleaning System (W-R-R-R-D) with CTS-1500 Robot Transfer, Load/off-load stations C0G4-2121 CREST C0G4-2121 Stock #:601363Description:Crest Ultrasonics C0G4-2121 Ultrasonic Cleaning System with 2G-500-6-T Generators CAD-1014-HE CREST CAD-1014-HE Stock #:601352Description:Crest CAD-1014-HE RECIRCULATING HOT AIR DRYER UNIT F100-810 CREST F100-810 Stock #:601296Year:2006Description:Crest F-100-810 Ultrasonic Part Washer-Degreaser, New 2006 3-stage ultrasonic cleaning system Portable (on Wheels) - can easily be moved to a different location HT-1524-12-OFE CREST HT-1524-12-OFE Stock #:601870Description:Crest #HF-1524-12-OFE & 4HT-1524-12-OFE Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks without Generators OC4-1826-HE/CTS-2000 CREST OC4-1826-HE/CTS-2000 Stock #:602080Year:2014Description:Crest OC4-1826-HE/CTS-2000 Ultrasonic Aqueous Cleaning System, NEW 2014 with misc baskets SA-2/181212 CREST SA-2/181212 Stock #:601371Year:1999Description:Crest SA-2/181212 Low Emissions Ultrasonic Cleaning & Vapor Degreaser, Extremely Low Hours Has always been operated in a clean room and has been minimally used. Near-Perfect Condition ** Ideal cleaning system for high volume swiss,standard screw machine parts, parts machined in oil ** Fully Enclosed SA-2/181212 CREST SA-2/181212 Stock #:397485Year:1999Description:Crest - Forward Ultrasonic Automatic Cleaning & Vapor Degreaser, Super clean Fully Enclosed System Very Low Usage - Excellent Condition ** Ideal cleaning system for high volume swiss,standard screw machine parts, parts machined in oil ** V031A Versa+Range Finnsonic V031A Versa+Range Stock #:601958Year:2014Description:2014 Finnsonic V031A Versa+Range 7-Station Automatic Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner with Roller Versa Genius 50IV Finnsonic Versa Genius 50IV Stock #:601956Year:2018Description:2018 Finnsonic Versa Genius+ 50/IV HD VD TD35 Automatic 5-Stage Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner Robotic Transfer, Roller Conveyor, Load/Unload Stations AMK10UWRDDPEDD-PS RAMCO AMK10UWRDDPEDD-PS Stock #:601481Year:2008Description:2008 Ramco Automatic Ultrasonic Parts Washing & Penetrant Line AQ-4-2024-SPL RANSOHOFF AQ-4-2024-SPL Stock #:601350Description:Ransohoff/Blackstone AQ-4-2024-SPL 4 Stage Ultrasonic Washer With Dryer and Full Enclosure 12-85-85-120-V UCM 12-85-85-120-V Stock #:399566Year:2003Description:2003 UCM 10-Tank, Large Capacity, Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning System --- Developed for Pre-cleaning prior to PVD vacuum coating --- *** REPLACEMENT COST $1,250,000.00 ***