Welcome to Automatics & Machinery Co.

When it comes to dependable, high-quality new and used AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE ACCESSORIES, TOOLING, PARTS, look no further than Automatics & Machinery Co. We are experts in assisting our customers to select the right equipment that matches their specific needs. Choosing us as your partner ensures you receive top-notch customer service along with a variety of brands available.

Brands We Trust

Our versatile range of brands includes but is not limited to:

  • Citizen - Well-acclaimed for its precision and performance.
  • Star - Known for its user friendly set up and reliable operations.
  • TORNOS/GOLTENBOLT - Renowned for its versatility as well as strength.
  • Tsugami - Preferred choice for its precision and durability.

Industries We Serve

Our AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE ACCESSORIES, TOOLING, PARTS Equipment serve across a range of industries such as the automotive sector, aerospace, medical devices, and more. These industries rely on our equipment for their high-speed operations, precision, and strength. They appreciate our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable equipment that is designed for long-lasting performance.

Our Unique Selling Points and History

Our history is founded on the dedication to providing quality automatic screw machine accessories, tooling parts, and machinery equipment to businesses across different industries. Our broad range of high-quality machines have made us a top choice for businesses nationwide. For more detailed information about specific models and applications of AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE ACCESSORIES, TOOLING, PARTS equipment, please browse through our site.