Why Choose Automatics & Machinery for New & Used BAR LOADER/MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC & HYDROSTATI Equipment?

When it comes to BAR LOADER/MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC & HYDROSTATIC equipment, Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc. is the top choice for both new and used options. With years of experience in the industry, Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc. has established a strong reputation for providing high-quality equipment and exceptional customer service. They are dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers and strive to exceed expectations in every aspect of the buying process.


Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc. offers a wide range of BAR LOADER/MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC & HYDROSTATIC equipment from top brands. These brands include:

  • LNS: LNS is known for manufacturing reliable and efficient bar loaders and magazine-type equipment. Their products are designed to optimize production and improve overall efficiency in various applications.
  • Iemca: Iemca specializes in the production of advanced bar feeders and magazine loaders. Their equipment offers high precision and reliability, making it a popular choice among industries that require efficient bar loading solutions.
  • EDGE: EDGE is a trusted manufacturer of hydraulic bar feeders and magazine-type loaders. Their equipment is known for its durability, versatility, and user-friendly operation, providing businesses with a seamless bar feeding experience.
  • F.M.B. SRL: F.M.B. SRL is a renowned brand that specializes in the production of hydraulic and mechanical bar loaders. With a focus on quality and innovation, their equipment is designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Industries and Unique Selling Points

BAR LOADER/MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC & HYDROSTATIC equipment finds applications in a wide range of industries. These industries include automotive, aerospace, medical, and general manufacturing. The unique selling points of this equipment lie in its ability to enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and ensure precise and efficient bar feeding. Moreover, it enables automation, resulting in cost savings and improved overall workflow.

Significance within the Category of Bar Feeds

BAR LOADER/MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC & HYDROSTATIC equipment plays a crucial role within the higher level category of bar feeds. It provides the necessary support for feeding bars into machines, ensuring a continuous supply of material and minimizing manual intervention. By automating the bar feeding process, businesses can achieve higher production rates, increased efficiency, and improved overall machining accuracy. When it comes to selecting the right bar loader or magazine-type equipment, Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc. offers a diverse range of options to meet the unique requirements of different applications.