About Automatics & Machinery

Since 1989, customers have relied on A&M expertise and assistance when locating and acquiring the right machine to meet their requirements. We buy, sell, consign, auction and appraise machine tools and peripheral equipment. Our used precision machines produce parts of the highest quality and tolerance. All machines are checked out in our warehouse or at their current location. We are a major bank resale center for end-of-lease and repossessed machines, and enjoy relationships with a variety of financing providers, OEM’s and major machine manufacturers.

A&M furnishes CNC Swiss Screw Machines, CNC Turning and Machining Centers, Bar Feed Equipment, CAM Screw Machines, and other general machine tools. Our specialty is CNC Swiss-type turning, from basic to multi-axis, with hydraulic or magazine-type bar feeds and related accessories. Incorporating high tolerance production methods developed for the Swiss precision watch industry, CNC turning is the most accurate bar machining method available for producing:

  • long parts having protracted length to diameter ratios
  • high-tolerance specifications
  • complex multi-featured parts

The History: Between 1980 and 1983, Steven Beck was a computer software specialist with Burroughs Corporation. Coming from the support and installation side of manufacturing software and a member of APICS (American Productions and Inventory Control Society), Beck was given a chance to move into sales in the secondhand machine tools business.

During the following 6-1/2 years, Steve was associated with a large used machinery dealership in California. As the economy emerged from recession, this association offered tremendous prospects.

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machinery was in its infancy. With Steve’s background in the computer field, two opportunities were identified. The CNC turning machine was becoming both affordable and easily operated, and the production levels of cam operated screw machines were in growing demand. He concentrated on single and multiple spindle screw machines and the new field of CNC Swiss-type (sliding headstock) automatic lathes.

A&M now welcomes the new Ganesh Machinery line to the company. The new Ganesh Machinery line allows A&M to enter the new machine tool market place offering customers a much broader range of machine tool options and capabilities while A&M’s used machine tool expertise gives the customer the added benefit of A&M’s ability to be aggressive with a trade-in program.

The Team:


Steve Beck, President of Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc., established A&M in 1989 and set out to form a used machinery business focused on CNC machine tools but moreover on quality-precision machinery. A&M buys, sells, trades, liquidates & auctions CNC machinery from one machine to an entire plant and facilities. Sales grew quickly and the timing, as well as the company strategy, proved accurate. A&M became is recognized as an expert in the resale of CNC swiss-type screw machines, CNC swiss turning lathes, 3, 4 and 5 axis Vertical and Horizontal machining centers.In 1993, with a strong customer base and the need to be more centrally located, the company moved from the Los Angeles area to the Colorado Rockies.


Kristen Reeves joined A&M in 2014. Previously, Kristen spent 14 years as a store manager for Barnes & Noble. She brings an extensive background in customer service and marketing to our company and will now convert that training into a sales career. Her experience and excellent communication skills enable her to assist customers with buying and selling all makes and models of CNC Turning and Machining centers, CNC Swiss, Bar Feeds, EDM and conventional Toolroom machines.


Tina Williams joined A&M in 2000 as an Administrative Assistant. While it was apparent that her business background including secretarial, accounting & sales earned her the position of Sr. Sales Assistant, she quickly grew within our company with overseeing transportation, advertising and daily operations. She is currently A&M’s Operations Manager.

Why You should choose Automatics & Machinery

It does not matter if we are buying or selling a CNC or manual piece of equipment, or if we are facilitating an auction, just know that Automatics & Machinery is a bit different in the way we go about acquiring or brokering used/pre-owned machinery and other equipment.

First, we take the position as if we are the intended end-user. This entails asking numerous questions that must be answered in order to confirm the quality of the machine being offered. It is our intention to know more about the condition and other details that need to be and pass along with all pertinent information which will allow our customers to purchase or sell with confidence. That’s right, full disclosure all the time. What we know you know, so ask away and get those answers.

Second, in almost all cases our staff assists the buyer or seller with logistics. We take over the coordination of preparing the machine, rigging and transportation. Many times we also interact with the delivery location and work with the local trade to off-load.

Third, we are here for the long run and have been here for almost 30 years. Relationship building is the ultimate goal. So, how you end up feeling about your experience is paramount to our future success.

So, take your time and ask those questions about the entire process but know that a used machine is just about always a one-of-a-kind. No two machines are ever the same after they are used. We do try to make this process something to remember and we recognize that we are not perfect, but we will work hard to prove ourselves time and time again.

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