Why Automatics & Machinery Co. is the Top Choice for Used LATHES, ENGINE (SHAFT), N/C & CNC

When it comes to finding high-quality used LATHES, ENGINE (SHAFT), N/C & CNC equipment, Automatics & Machinery Co. is the go-to resource for numerous customers. We have built our reputation on providing top-notch machinery and unmatched customer support. Our inventory spans an extensive range of the most sought-after brands in the industry, meeting diverse client's needs with superior performance and reliability.

A Wide Range of Brands at Automatics & Machinery Co.

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These brands have a proven track record in the industry, from their distinct features to outstanding performance, thereby, ensuring you get value for your investment.

Industries Using LATHES, ENGINE (SHAFT), N/C & CNC Equipment

LATHES, ENGINE (SHAFT), N/C & CNC equipment provide high-precision production for a wide range of industries. These include the automotive industry, aerospace industry, and manufacturing sectors among others. The equipment's unique selling points consist of their precise cutting capabilities, programmable controls for complex parts production, and high-speed operations for increased productivity.


Lathes, one of the oldest machine tools in existence, have undergone significant evolution. The introduction of Numerical Control (N/C) provided a significant leap in their operation, adding automated control to their capabilities. Further progress led to the development of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathes, which integrate computers for even more accurate and efficient operations. With these advancements, LATHES, ENGINE (SHAFT), N/C & CNC equipment continue to play an indispensable role in a host of industries.