BAR FEEDS: HYDROSTATIC & HYDRODYNAMIC Equipment at Automatics & Machinery

Why Choose Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc. for New & Used BAR FEED Equipment?

Automatics & Machinery is known for bar fee and bar loader/magazine loader sales for over 34. It is not good enough to just have a sell a bar feed, but truly important to understand if it is the right unit for a customer’s machine. Inc. We are the right choice for those seeking reliable and efficient information regarding BAR FEEDS, HYDROSTATIC, HYDRODYNAMIC Single-tube, Multiple Tubes or Magazine type equipment. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our inventory, along with brokering for other customers, of both new and used equipment make us the trusted source.


At Automatics & Machinery, we offer equipment from leading brands in the industry:

  • LNS: Known for their innovative solutions, LNS offers a wide range of BAR FEEDS, HYDROSTATIC & HYDRODYNAMIC Single-Tube, Gatling-type, and Magazine style equipment to enhance the efficiency of machining processes.
  • LEXAIR: Single Tube (changing the inner sleeve) with a focus on precision and reliability, LEXAIR provides top-quality Hydrodynamic Singl-tube Bar Feed.

Industries and Benefits of BAR FEEDS, whether it be a Single Tube with liners or a gatling-type (multiple tubes inside one larger tube that rotates to the next size, HYDROSTATIC & HYDRODYNAMIC.

BAR FEEDS, HYDROSTATIC & HYDRODYNAMIC equipment finds extensive use in various industries due to its unique selling points and history of proven performance. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, oilfield and energy rely on this equipment to enhance their machining processes and improve efficiency. BAR FEEDS, HYDROSTATIC (tube fills will oil to float the bar stock) & HYDRODYNAMIC (where a tube spins inside a pressurized tube of oil) offers advantages such as lower bar vibration precise material handling, increased production output, reduced lead times, and improved accuracy, resulting in cost savings and enhanced quality control.