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Swiss Screw Machines, N/C & CNC
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Star SR-20J Type N 7-Axis CNC Swiss Lathe, No Guide Bushing Bar Feed and Live Tooling *New in 2014*

Equipped With

Iemca Ideal 325 Bar Feed High Pressure Coolant

Power5 hp
RPM10,000 RPM
# Axis7
Swiss, Chucker or Convertible?Chucker
Main Spindle IndexingFull C
Sub Spindle IndexingFull C
ControlCNC (Fanuc Series 31i-B)
Dimensions86" x 47.2" x 70"
Weight4,850 lbs

To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct. It is the buyer’s responsibility to confirm all details and we encourage an inspection of the machine(s) and accessories prior to purchase. General Specifications: CNC control unit: Fanuc Series 31i-B Number of axes: 7 Max. machining diameter: .75" Max. headstock stroke: 8" / 2" (Sliding Head / Fixed Headstock Lathe) Max. main spindle speed 10,000 rpm Main spindle indexing C-axis Main spindle motor 5 HP Number of tool 6 Turning Tools 4 power-driven tool stations 4-Spindle sleeve holder(Er16) 4 tools frontworking 4 tools backworking (interpolation possible) Max. drilling capacity .3" 4-spindle sleeve holder .2" power-driven attachment Max. tapping capacity M8 x 1.25 4-spindle sleeve holder M6 x 1.0 power-driven attachment Max. milling capacity .3" Coolant tank capacity 170 L Backworking attachment Max. chucking diameter .75" Max. pick-up part length 3.1" Sub Spindle Indexing: C-Axis Max. part protection length 1.19" Max. sub spindle speed 8,000 rpm Sub spindle motor 3 HP Number of tool stations 4 stationary or power-driven tools Max. drilling capacity 8 mm stationary tools 5 mm power-driven tools Max. tapping capacity M8 x 1.25 stationary tools M4 x 0.7 power-driven tools Max. feed rate all axes 35 m/min Dimension (W x D x H) 86" x 47.2" x 70" Weight 4,850 lbs

Star SR-20J Type N, 7-Axis CNC Swiss Lathe, New in 2014

Star SR-20J Type N, 7-Axis CNC Swiss Lathe, New in 2014
Swiss Screw Machines, N/C & CNC