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2018 Bumotec S-191RP 7-Axis Linear Turn-Mill Center w/ Sub-Spindle under 2000 total hours Excellent Condition - with full 30-day warranty after install

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Almost a 50% savings from new pricing - New replacement appox $890,000.00 INSTALLATION & TRAINING, can be offered (price on request) Spindle configuration: 50mm Probe Sup-Spindle (ID or OD collets can be used) Truing Station for Grinding Tools (can replace with vise) Multiple HSK 40 tool holders Knoll Coolant System with Paper Filtration Motorex Cool-X Chiller Fire Suppression Machine On Hours: 4400 Spindle Run Hours: 1776 This machine is currently set up for manufacturing of hip replacements. It can be re-installed running these parts or other products. Starrag-Bumotec is a great partner to assist in your application, tooling selection, installation and training. Contact me or them anytime.

X410 mm
Y200 mm
Z400 mm
# Axis7
Power15 kW
RPM30,000 RPM
# ATC60
ControlCNC (Fanuc 31iB5)
Dimensions88” x 76” x 80” (2200 w/o feeder x 1900 x1990H)
Weight4,200 kg (9,500#)

SEE ATTACHED PDF FOR FULL DETAILED SPECIFICATION AS PER OEM DESCRIPTION OF THIS MACHINE BUYERS SHOULD CONFIRM ALL DETAILS TRAVELS X-Travel : 410mm; Power : 4.5Kw Y-Travel : 200mm; Power: 2.5Kw Z-Travel : 400mm; Power: 2.5Kw Resolution X-Y-Z: 0.0001mm Rapid Feed X Y Z: 40 m/mm Measuring type High resolution glass scales: 0.0001 mm MAIN SPINDLE Power: 15Kw Resolution: 0.0001 deg Precision: 0.001 deg Bar Dia cap: 50 mm Rotation speed (C axis): 72,000 deg/min B AXIS (MILLING SPINDLE SWIVELING AXIS) Power S1 / S6: 4.3Kw Angular travel: +115 / -25 deg Resolution: 0.0001 deg Precision: 0.001 deg Rotation speed max: 36,000 deg/min MILLING SPINDLE Power S1/S6: 8.0 / 9.6Kw Max. speed: 30,000 rpm Tool holder type HSK 40 (A or E) Through Spindle coolant: 30 to 100 bar TOOL CHANGER: 30 tools, HSK40, (upgradable to 60 ATC) Dimensions & Weights Machine weight: 4,200 kg Dimensions: 2,200 (without bar feeder) x 1,900 x 1,990H (88” x 76” x 80”) (2,500mm (100”) with mist extractor) The machines of the s191 series are suitable for turning, milling and grinding of individual parts or from bar (diameters: 32, 50 and 65 mm) in a single setting. The series has an extremely versatile modular structure, which means that it is possible to build any kind of machines from standardized modules for various machining tasks – including a machining center with seven axes and three spindles. The CNC Bumotec s191RP Linear turn-mill center is suitable for complete machining of very complex six sided parts. Linear motors ensure maximum precision and reliable repeatability in the machining of parts. Thanks to the combination of the rapid linear drive (acceleration: 1.1 g; speed: 50 m/min) with a high-resolution Renishaw measurement system (resolution: 1/100 µm) and a stabilized cooling circuit for all heat-generating elements, the s191RP Linear achieves excellent productivity. A unique feature is the high-speed spindle (150,000 rpm), on which it is possible not only to turn and mill ceramic parts but, using different grinding discs (measuring 0.5 to 80 mm), they can also be dry-ground. Linear driven motors and direct-driven rotation axis Extensive features with a maximum of 7 axes and 3 spindles Unique spindle with high torque Universal bar machining (bar passage: 50mm) Shipping Dimensions: Machine: 88" x 88" x 96" 9,500 lbs Tank: 112" x 70" x 78" 2,500 lbs Conveyor: 145" x 62" x 54" 1,700 lbs Chiller w/Pallet: 40" x 32" x 50" 410 lbs Crate w/Misc Items: 44" x 42" x 30" 450 lbs

Bumotec S-191RP 7-axis Turn-Mill Center w/ Sub-Spindle, New in 2018

Bumotec S-191RP 7-axis Turn-Mill Center w/ Sub-Spindle, New in 2018