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Stock #:
Tsugami BO38T CNC Swiss Lathe Gang Tool & Turret * HPC * Tracer Bar Feed * * New 2016 *
1.5 "
10.1 hp
5000 rpm
# Axis:
Tracer 51V Magazine Bar Feed
Full C-Axis on Main & Sub Spindles
LNS Turbo MH500 self-cleaning & filtering Chip Conveyor
Tr-Mist 850 G2 Mist Collector with HEPA filter
MP Systems 2000 PSI High Pressure Coolant
Part Catcher
Part Conveyor
Gang Slide with 3 live positions
8 Position turret with 32 station capability, all 8 stations can be live
Back tool post with 3 fixed and 3 live positions
Misc Turret Tooling including an Adjustable 2-position Cross/End Drill & Coolant thru tool holder
Rear Ejection thru sub spindle
Helical Interpolation
2MB Program Storage
Tool Life Management
Fire Trace
Important Information:
Power-On Time: 4788 hours
In-Cycle Time: 899 hours
Specifications are from OEM Brochure and Equipped With items are described to
the best of our knowledge. ALL items show be confirmed by the buyer.

11 cutting Axis, X1/T1-axis front slide and 8 station 3-axis turret

NC unit: FANUC 31i-B
Axis names: X1,Y1,Z1,C1,X2,Y2,Z2,C2,X3,Y3,Z3
Least input increment: 0.001mm (X1, X2, X3 axes in diameter)
Machining Range, machining capacity:
Bars tock diameter: 8-38mm
Max. machining length: 250mm
Main Spindle
Max drilling diameter: 16mm
Max tapping size: M14
Back Spindle-Turret
Max chucking diameter: 38mm
Max drilling diameter: 16mm
Max tapping size: M12
Front Tool Post
Max crossing drilling diameter: 10mm
Max crossing tapping size: M6
Max rotary tool drilling diameter: 16mm
Max rotary tool tapping size: M10
Back Tool Post:
Max rotary tool drilling diameter: 8mm
Max rotary tool tapping size: M6
Max fixed tool drilling diameter: 10mm
Max fixed tool tapping size: M10
Main spindle speed: 200 - 5,000 min
Back spindle speed: 200 - 7,000 min
Cross drill speed on front tool post:200 - 5,000 min (optional)
Rotary tool speed on turret: 200 - 8,000 min
Main spindle indexing: C axis
Back spindle indexing: C axis
Total tool storage capacity
Turret: 8 stations (4x8 stations = 32)
Front tool post (standard): Turning: 7
Front tool post: Turning: 3
Front tool post: Cross drill: 3 (optional)
Back tool post: fixed:3, live: 3
Tool size
Turret: 20mm x 20mm x 125mm
Front tool post: 16mm x 16mm x 125mm
Rapid traverse rate
X1, X2, X3: 24 m/min
Y1, Y2, Y3: 24 m/min
Z1, Z2, Z3: 24 m/min
Main Spindle: 7.5/11kW
Back Spindle: 3.7/5.5 kW
Live tool on front tool post: 1.0kW
Live tool on turret: 1.4 kW
Live tool on back tool post: 1.0kW
Coolant pump: 0.39/0.62kW (50Hz/60Hz)
Lubricating oil pump: 3 W
Power source and other
Net Weight: 6,200 kg, 13,700 lbs
Power source requirement: 45 KVA
Compressed air requirement: 0.5 MPa or more
Air discharge rate: 100 NL/min
Width x depth x height: 3,427 x 1,875 x 1,840 mm
135" x 74" x 73"