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FOBA Fiber Laser Marking System w/ Rotary Axis Delivered New April 2017
"To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct.
It is the buyer's responsibility to confirm prior to purchase."

Replace cost $125,000
Unit is currently in-plant and available for inspection

Full write-up below via FOBA factory quotation

FOBA-P workstation
Laser marking machine
Workstation with work table, positioning axes and electric lift door in a
steel construction with floating polymer concrete carrier for laser system and
axes (X,Y and Z) to disconnect vibrations and environmental influences
impacting the housing and with that the laser process > ensures process
reliability and alignment stability, also at higher precision requirements (>
positioning accuracy),

Laser class 1 workstation version
-Work table with T-groove plate 390 x 375 [mm],
max. load 30 kg at the floating polymer concrete carrier (for
process reliability,
insensitivity to outside influences/vibrations)
-Software controlled z-axis with max. 350 mm travel length, covers in
total 590 mm
(Please note: The configuration of the laser and the selected
working distance determine the usable travel length)
-Software controlled y-axis for position the laser head above the workpiece
  with max. 225 mm travel length
(Please note: The configuration of the laser in due consideration of the
installation place determines the usable travel length)
-Software controlled x-axis for position the workpiece below the laser - with
max. 315 mm travel length
(Please note: The dimensions of the workpiece in due consideration of
the installation place determine the usable travel length)
-Electric lift door with large observation window, opening width / height: 
   620 x 450 mm
-Lighting of the working area
-Vacuum suction nozzle for an available suction system, provided by
the customer (see also option suction systems)
-Control elements and status displays, integrated in the front of
the workstation,
status message, signal lamps, emergency stop function and also key operated
switch for operation and set-up,
Page 5/8, 08 February 2017
operating key for the ergonomic height adjustment

Technical specifications
-Dimensions of the workstation (W/H/D) 850 / 1844-2144 / 1205 [mm]
-Weight: approx. 620 kg (without laser)
-Electrical requirements: 1/N/PE, 230 V (+/-10%), 50/60 Hz, optional 110 V
-Degree of protection: Working chamber IP20, Supply chamber IP4x
(Height details refer to the setting range by the use of the optional
height adjustment)
2 FO-110075Laser integration kit Y.0X00-fc, M2000/M3000, version B+P
3 FO-108805FOBA Y.0300-FC fiber laser marking system for Raylase marking heads
Pulsed Ytterbium (Yb) fiber laser; wavelength = 1055 - 1075 nm
Power class: 30 Watt; air-cooled

Scope of delivery
- laser source and controler in 19" rack (IP21)
- umbilical
- marking unit without marking head (marking head and focusing lens must be
selected separately) (IP41)
Marking software for laser systems

Extent of delivery
-MarkUS on CD
-Documentation on CD

FO-110795IMP Intelligent Mark Positioning w/ Barcode Verification For 1064nm
Module for finding work piece position by using a vision system and mark
alignment with 1D and 2D barcode verification
Extent of delivery
-Vision system with integrated standard lighting
-Hardware and software for image processing, integrated into MarkUS

FO-109175 Lens, F-Theta f=163 mm for 1064 nm - SS10/TS10
Marking area approx. 120 x 120 [mm].
The usable marking area is dependent on the system design.
FO-110425Rotary unit FOBA M2000/3000
Rotary unit for the radial marking of cylindrical parts for the FOBA M-Series
Extent of delivery
-Rotation axis with motor
-Wiring and jaw chuck, d=65 mm

-Low play toothed belt drive with stepper motor
-Reduction gear ratio 1:24
-Shaft with boring d=15 mm
-Housing flange with inner cone SK 20
-Weight 4.25 kg
-Positional accuracy 2.5 arcmin
-Output speed 0 - 150 1/min
-Operating torque 12 Nm (2,4 Nm at max. speed)
-Rated holding torque 24 Nm (static load)
-Dimensions (WxDxH) 255 / 150 / 140 [mm]

FO-109536 Transformer for workstations for operation at 110 V
Additional, in the workstation integrated transformer for power supply on line
voltage of 110 V AC
FO-110400 Monitor arm, right, for M2000, workstation versions B and P
Only in combination with M2000-B, M2000-P available (not for version R).
Articulated and heigth adjustable monitor arm, factory-installed on the
   righthand side of the workstation.

Extent of delivery
Monitor arm with fastening-parts kit and wiring
FO-109930Customer interface - USA
Electrical interface in the workspace with country-specific socket for USA
for FOBA M2000/M3000
FO-112499HighEnd Desktop PC
Desktop PC, with high end performance characteristics (typically Intel Core
i7, 8GB RAM, 250GB HD, Mouse, network card, Win7 Pro Ultimate: 
Note, details may vary)
FO-109876 22' TFT monitor
FO-110521Keyboard for PC, English (US)
FO-107987FOBA AD Oracle Fume extractor 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz For standard burn-
up applications.  The revolutionary auto-voltage sensing pump automatically
self adjusts to run on any voltage worldwide, whilst the reverse flow filter

Closed loop, automatic flow control allows the user to preset correct flow
rates, for lower noise levels and further protection of both the combined
filter and the 2 stage F8 pre filter, which has a massive 12 m of surface

Extent of delivery
-Standard equipment contains:
- Auto Sensing Voltage (115-230 V) for Global Use
- Closed Loop Automatic Flow Control
- 2 Stage F8 Pre Filter with 12 m of Surface Area
- Reverse Flow
- `Easi-Seal' Filter Location
- Small Footprint and low Noise Levels
- Dimensions (L/W/H) 430 / 430 / 980 [mm]
- Weight 75 kg
- Sound pressure level < 60 dB (A)
- Electrical 115-230 V, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz,

Full load current: 12.5 A
- Blower 1.1 kW
- Airflow 380 m3/hr
- Colour RAL 7035
- Cabinet Construction Powder coated mild steel
- Pre filter - surface 12 m approx.