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Stock #:
Iemca Elite Zero Magazine Bar Feed
Bar Length:
12 '
Ultra Thin, Ultra Smooth, Ultra Fast   

The Elite Zero is the first bar feeder in the world machining ultra-thin bars
of 0.3 mm diameter. It is designed to meet the needs of those who are looking
for the accurate and smooth selection of extremely thin bars.       

Technical Specs                        

ROUND BARS                             0.3 - 2 mm (.012"- 1/16'')
HEXAGONAL BARS                         N.A.
SQUARE BARS                            N.A.
BAR LENGTH                             450 - 2,560 mm (1'6" - 8'5")
REMNANT LENGTH                         80 - 280 mm (3.15'' - 11.02'')
BAR WEIGHT                             N.A.
BAR CHANGEOVER TIME                    30 sec
FEED RATE                              750 mm/sec (1,770 in/min)
RETURN SPEED                           1,200 mm/sec (2,830 in/min)
BAR FEEDER WEIGHT                      650 kg (1,440 lbs)
COMPRESSED AIR                         6 bar (87 psi)
INSTALLED POWER                        1.5 kW
MP MAGAZINE AVAILABLE                  Walking Beam (max 37 bars)
F MAGAZINE AVAILABLE                   No
P MAGAZINE AVAILABLE                   No

Bar feeder includes: standard electrical and mechanical interface to the
lathe, walking beam magazine, synchronization device, remnant retraction
system and 1 guide channel set (1 Guide Channel, 1 Bar Pusher, 1 Rotating Tip,
1 Telescopic Nose and 1 Collet)        

Pricing subject to change without notice


Anti Vibration Device                                               $1,990
Axial shifting device (Z)                                           $1,990
Category III interface (Dual Channel Safety Circuit Protection)     $1,490
Special adaptation kit (Required for some lathes)                   $1,990


Touch screen 7" panel                                               $490
Additional guide channel set                                        $2,490
Spindle liner                                                       $350
Additional collets                                                  $80
Kit for additional status lights                                    $80
Tool box                                                            $990
Wet upgrade for laser swiss application                             $5,000
Kit for low stock signaling light                                   $790
Kit for 1 mm bar loading                                            $690
Kit for Industry 4,0                                                $2,990


Installation in USA, Canada and Mexico                              $3,100
Installation price includes labor, travel expenses, on site operator training
at the time of installation, 12 month parts and labor warranty