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Techni i510-G2 Waterjet Cutting System Very nice - sold new in December 2014 Extremely Low Hours
Pump Output:
55,000 PSI
Table Size-W:
Table Size-L:
50 hp
Equipped with...
Crash sensing "break-a-way" head
Adjustable water height control forsubmerged cutting
Hand held remote control pendant

Specifications for OEM Brochure (all details should be confirmed by buyer)
Cutting Table Size 5-1' x 10'-3"
Cutting Area 5' x 10'
Accuracy of Motion* 0.005"
Repeatability of Motion* 0.001"
Max. Air Speed 700 ipm
Max. Cutting Speed 700 ipm
Max. Material Thickness** 8"

Pump Motor 50 hp
Pump pressure Quantum NXT 55s, 55,000 psi
1 gallon per minute at 55,000 psi continuous operating pressure
1.2 gpm cooling water requirement
68 dBa Maximum Noise Level Rating
L:63" x W:23" x H:43"; 1160lbs

Machine Size (L,W,H) 14' x 7'-8" x 6`8"(Does not include pumps
or bulk abrasive hopper)
Electrics 480v/3/60, 60 Amp
Machine weight (ship wt/empty) 4500 #
Machine weight (with water) 15000 #

AS per original proposal
Intecr 510-G2- 5' x 10' 2-axis X-Y Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System
1.1 Intecr 510-G2 5`x10' Cutting Area
1.2 Intecr 510-G2 5'x10' Drive System
1.3 Intecr 510-G2 10' X axis Design
1.4 Intecr 510-G2 5' Y axis Cantilever Bridge Design
1.5 Intecr 510-G2 Power Z axis Design
1.6 Intecr 510-G2 Main Tank
1.7 360 Fully Enclosed Bellows
1.8 Abrasive Cutting Head
1.8.1 Diamond Orifice
1.8.2 Focusing Tube
1.9 Intecr TECHNI Abrasive Bulk Feeder 1100 lb
1.10 TECHNI WaterjetT Abrasive Delivery Mini Hopper
1.11 AM2000 CNC Controller and Servo Control System
1.12 SoftecT Waterjet Cutter Software with 2 software seats
1.12.1 Tru-Cut TechnologyT
1.13 SoftecT Array Nesting
1.14 SoftecT Auto Nesting
1.15 SoftecT Automatic CAD Package

[ Original Sale Price as of Dec 2014: $163,000 ]

Installation, Training & Options available from Techni Waterjet:
Closed Loop Chiller, Abbrasive Waste Removal System model 510, Installation &
Training ... All Prices-On-Request