Why Choose Automatics & Machinery Co.

Automatics & Machinery Co. is your number one choice for both new and used TOOLING & ACCESSORIES, as well as N/C & CNC equipment, setting a benchmark in quality and performance. We take pride in offering a diverse range of models to suit different requirements and budget considerations. Focused on our customers' success, we provide reliable solutions for all your manufacturing needs with our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology.

Brands of TOOLING & ACCESSORIES, N/C & CNC Equipment

We offer a broad spectrum of N/C & CNC equipment brands, catering to all industry-specific challenges. Get superior and exceptional performance from our MICROCENTRIC line, well-known for its high precision in CNC machining. Discover the innovation and durability offered by JF BERNS tools, delivering efficiency without compromise. For robust and reliable tooling accessories, check out our UNK range, renowned for its expertise and advanced technology. Moreover, our CITIZEN models are designed to provide cost-effective solutions and peak performance in high-volume operations.

Industries and Applications of TOOLING & ACCESSORIES, N/C & CNC Equipment

N/C & CNC equipment, along with our top-notch tooling and accessories, find wide-ranging applications in various industries. These include but are not limited to automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, and many more. Offering high-precision, efficiency, and versatility, our machines facilitate seamless operation and production flow in the most challenging environments. From prototype development to full-scale production, our equipment helps industries achieve their manufacturing goals with ease and precision.

The Unique Selling Points and History of Our Equipment

The commitment to quality and innovation sets our TOOLING & ACCESSORIES, N/C & CNC equipment apart from the competition. Each piece of equipment is a testament to our commitment to upholding the highest standards of durability, efficiency, and performance. Moreover, our history is characterized by a relentless drive to provide the most reliable and innovative solutions to our clients. Remember, when you invest in our TOOLS & ACCESSORIES, N/C & CNC equipment, you invest in not just a product, but a legacy of excellence.