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Machines By Category Machines By Brand
Air compressors, rotary screw/sliding vane
Air compressors, stationary type
Automatic Screw Machine Tooling & Parts
Automatic Screw Machines, Swiss Type
Automatic screw machs., mult. spdl.
Automatic screw machs., mult. spdl., n/c & cnc
Bar Feeds, Hydrodynamic, Hydrostatic, Mechanical
Benders, pipe, tube & bar
Benders, pipe, tube & bar, n/c & cnc
Blast cleaning/air & suction
Blow molding machines
Boring mills, horiz., table type, n/c & cnc
Boring mills, horizontal, table type
Boring mills, vertical, n/c & cnc
Brakes, press (tons)
Brakes, press, hydraulic (tons)
Chamfering machines
Chip conveyors
Chip wringers
CNC Swiss Lathes
CNC Turning Centers
Controls, n/c & cnc
Converters, single/3 phase, rotary
Coolant systems, high-pressure
Coordinate measuring machines (incl. n/c & cnc)
Cranes, bridge & overhead
Cranes, hoists
Deburring machines
Deburring machines, centrifugal disc, high energy
Drilling & tapping machines, n/c & cnc
Drills, deep hole
Drills, gun
Drills, gun, n/c & cnc
Drills, radial
Drills, radial, n/c & cnc
Dust collectors
Electric discharge machines, conventional, ram type, sinker
Electric discharge machines, wire, n/c & cnc
Finishing machines
Flame cutting equipment, n/c & cnc
Forklifts, telescoping boom
Generators, a.c., natural gas, dual fuel, heavy fuel oil
Grinders, belt
Grinders, centerless
Grinders, centerless, n/c & cnc
Grinders, curvic coupling
Grinders, cylindrical, n/c & cnc
Grinders, cylindrical_plain, angle head
Grinders, cylindrical_plain, angle head, n/c & cnc
Grinders, internal, n/c & cnc
Grinders, surface, creep feed
Grinders, surface, n/c & cnc
Grinders, surface, rotary type (vert. spdl.)
Grinders, tool & cutter
Grinders, tool & cutter, n/c & cnc
Heat treating units, induction heating
Hones, horizontal
Horizontal dual column band saws
Horizontal Machining Centers
Injection molding, horizontal/vertical
Injection molding, rotary
Laboratory & research equipment
Lathes, chucking, n/c & cnc
Lathes, engine (shaft), n/c & cnc
Lathes, engine_see also other lathe categories
Lathes, gap, sliding bed
Lathes, oil field & hollow spindle
Lathes, precision, jewelers, toolroom, etc.
Lathes, second operation
Lathes, turret, n/c & cnc
Lathes, vertical turret
Leak testers
Line boring
Machining center accessories, parts, tooling
Machining centers, cnc, 5-axis or more
Machining centers, univ., n/c & cnc
Machining centers, vert., n/c & cnc, bridge type
Machining systems, flexible, n/c & cnc
Magazine Bar Feeds
Marking machines, laser
Millers, horiz. & vert. (comb.)
Millers, knee, n/c & cnc
Millers, plain horizontal
Millers, universal, n/c & cnc
Millers, vertical
Millers, vertical/universal, n/c & cnc
Ovens, batch
Pallet changer, manual
Pinch rolls
Plates, angle
Plates, surface and inspection
Presses, eccentric
Presses, gap frame, single crank
Presses, high speed prod.
Presses, hydraulic
Printers, laser & led
Pumps, water
Robots, industrial
Rolls, plate bending, pyramid type (incl. sheet metal)
Rolls,plate bend'g,init.& dbl.pinch type(incl.sheet mtl.)
Saws, band, horizontal
Saws, circular cold
Saws, cold & carbide
Saws, cold & carbide (non-ferrous)
Shears, hydraulic, guillotine
Shears, power squaring (inches)
Tables & indexers, n/c & cnc
Tables, rotary
Tailstocks, lathe
Thread rollers
Tool holders, 40-taper
Tooling & accessories, n/c & cnc
Transfer machines
Ultrasonic cleaner
Vacuum cleaners
Vertical Machining Centers
Vertical machining centers (5-axis or more)
Vibrators, vibratory finishers
Visual and laser inspection
Washers (individual batch)
Washers, pressure, hot, gas
Water jet cutting, cnc
Welders (miscellaneous)
Sell Your Machine
Want To Sell Your

Sell used machinery to us! We pay cash for your good quality machinery, as well as provide on-site and flooring consignment sales opportunities. All of these options help the seller realize the highest returns. Did you know you can sell Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc. a machine and still use it as a trade-in toward any other machinery purchase? Call and ask for details!

Whether you have one machine, a complete shop or multiple locations, we have the great options for you. From on-line only to on-site/on-line auctions sales, or direct negotiations we can work with your team to ensure your goals and sales schedules are met or exceeded.

Who we serve:

A&M’s clients represent a host of industries: aerospace and defense, commercial and industrial manufacturing, electronic/computers and peripherals, consumer products, fabrication and machining, rubber and plastics, telecommunications, and transportation. We work side by side with accountants, attorneys, trustees, financial institutions, and secured lenders.



A&M has an A.E.A. accredited appraiser on staff and works in conjunction with other certified appraisers to develop a true view of equipment values whether it be Fair Market, Fair Market - In-Place, Orderly Liquidation Value or Forced Liquidation Value.


Types of Auctions Sales:

On-site: an auctioneer is at the site and auctions from the stand On-line advertised and bids are from an on-line perspective with bidders from all over On-site / Webcast: an auctioneer on the stand and a live broadcast with bidders on-line

For more information on Auctions & Appraisals call 303-651-6545 or contact us