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Ultrasonic Washers and Cleaning Systems
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Crest F-200 20x16 6 Station Ultrasonic Cleaning System New in 2005

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To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct. It is the buyer’s responsibility to confirm all details and we encourage an inspection of the machine(s) and accessories prior to purchase. General Specifications: Process Sequence Stage 1 – Load Stage 2 – Vapor Wash Stage 3 – Immersion Wash Step 4 – Vapor Wash Step 5 – Flash Dry Step 6 - Unload The F200-2016 is a Twin Sump Immersion Solvent Cleaning System to incorporate the technical capability of running Non flammable Solvent, via simple temperature adjustment. The twin sump consists of vapor boiling sump and rinse sump. The boiling sump is built-in with 9KW immersion heaters with Electronic Vapor Control System via PLC control with operator interface touch-Screen. The rinse sump comes with 1500W 132Khz ultrasonic and a recirculation pump with filtration loop. The system has 2 condensing units, for freeboard and primary cooling coil with four sided condensing coils. The temperature controller of the compressor provide fine adjustment on defrost mode setting to prevent ice formation on the freeboard cooling coil, All these are controlled by PLC. The system is designed with 120% freeboard area. Two safety thermostats are built-in for high solvent temperature cut off and high vapor temperature cut off besides low liquid cut off. All Service Points, Drain, Electronic etc can be found under the front cover that is easily removable. The facility requirement for the system is 208V, 3 phase, 60Hz 66Amps. The system is controlled by PLC with operator interface touch-screen. It consists of 3 different modes of operation: •Cool Down mode •Cleaning mode •Maintenance mode The system tank is fabricated from high grade, bright-annealed stainless steel with double-sided welding and polishing for added durability and minimum contamination entrapment. The tank is housed inside a stainless steel grade 304 framework. The tank is positioned towards the front portion of the frame for easy accessibility and operation. An electrical enclosure is mounted at the side of the machine. All other system components are compactly housed behind the tank but still inside the frame and covered with panels.

Crest F-200 20x16 6 Station Ultrasonic Cleaning System, New in 2005

Crest F-200 20x16 6 Station Ultrasonic Cleaning System, New in 2005
Ultrasonic Washers and Cleaning Systems