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2017 Honor Seiki VL-86M Vertical Turning & Boring Center

Equipped With

Fanuc 0i-TF CNC Control 24" 3-Jaw Chuck (2) OD Tool Holders 8-O1.25”, (2) Facing Tool Holders 8-F 1.25” (2) Boring Tool Holders 8-I 2.0”, (1) Axial Live Holder, (1) Radial Live Holder (1) Set Hard Jaws & Soft Jaws Automatic door with safety edge (3 bar) 45 PSI multi-stage coolant pump High precision double-nut ball screws Class P4 angular thrust bearings Class P4 spindle bearings Electric torque limiter protection Chuck clamp/unclamp confirmation proximity switches (per spindle) Programmable Hi / Low chucking Renishaw Touch Probe & Software Tool monitoring system Shower coolant for chip flushing Hydraulic system Tool box with necessary operating tools Work light Leveling bolts and plates Operation and maintenance manuals Parts list and electrical drawings

Table Dia31.4"
Work Ht-U/R25.5"
Power50 hp
RPM1,500 RPM
ControlCNC (Fanuc 0i-TF)
Dimensions83" x 129" x 146"
Weight32,200 lbs

To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct. It is the buyer’s responsibility to confirm all details and we encourage an inspection of the machine(s) and accessories prior to purchase. General Specifications: Swing Diameter: 37.4" Turning Diameter: 37.4" Distance from Ram to Table: 36.4" Turning Height: 25.5" Work Piece Weight: 4,409 lbs Spindle Table Diameter: 31.4" Range of Table Speed: 5-600 RPM Change Gear Speed: 2 Step Spindle Nose: A2-11mm Spindle Speed: 1,500 RPM Automatic Tool Changer Tool Positions: 12 Tool Size: .98" x 1.25" Tool Speed: 3,000 RPM Cross Section of Ram: 7.87" x 7.87" Feeds X-Axis Travel: 29.5" Z-Axis Travel: 23.6" Rapid Rate (X-Axis): 393 IPM Rapid Rate (Z-Axis): 393 IPM Cutting Feedrate: 19.6 IPM Feed Override: 0-150% Cross Rail Travel: Fixed Motor Spindle Motor: 50 HP Feed Motor: 5 HP Live Tool Motor: 20 HP Voltage Required: 205-235 Volt / 3 phase** Power Requirement: 80 kVA (200 Amps @ 220 Volts) Coolant System: Coolant Pump Pressure: (3 bar) 45 PSI Coolant Pump Motor: (.55kW) .75HP Coolant Tank Capacity: (320L) 85 gallons Hydraulic/Lubrication: Hydraulic Tank Capacity (40L): 10.6 gallons Hydraulic Oil Requirement (or equivalent): Mobil DTE #24 or Shell Tellus 32 Way Lubrication Tank Capacity (3.6L): 1 gallon Way Lubrication Oil Requirement (or equivalent): Mobil Vactra #2 or Shell Tonna T68 Machine Dimensions: 83" x 129" x 146" Machine Weight: 32,000 lbs Machine Construction Features: Honor Seiki utilizes a heavily ribbed high-grade Meehanite® casting for greater stability and less machine deformation allowing for heavy cutting capabilities. The small foot print and optimized chip flow design will remove chips from bed into chip box or chip conveyor by assistance of bed flush coolant system. GUIDEWAYS The Box style guideways are wide wrap-around rectangular type to ensure long-term rigidity and accuracy. The guideways are properly spaced to ensure maximum stability, each guideway is induction hardened and precision ground (HrC 55). Induction hardening results in a more consistent hardness and depth of hardness than the less expensive flame hardening process. The adjustable gibs on each Axis slide are provided to maintain accuracy and rigidity. The bed guideways are fully protected by heavy gauge steel covers on both sides of the carriage. BALL SCREWS AND AXIS DRIVES Each axis is driven by a large diameter double-nut ball screw. The high precision ball screws have been specifically selected to achieve the outstanding combination of high accuracy, high rapid traverse rates and high feed thrust. Both ball screws are supported on each end. Both X and Z-axis ball screw are double pretensioned for accurate positioning and thermal stability. The thrust bearings are precision class P4 angular contact type. Ball screws are centered between the guideways and are directly mounted to the AC servo motors without intermediate gears or belts to minimize backlash SPINDLE & HEADSTOCK The spindle is supported by two double row cylindrical roller bearings and duplex angular thrust bearings. All spindle bearings are precision class P4 and are permanently grease lubricated. The (37kW) 50 Hp spindle motor (2824N.m) 2,082 ft.-lbs. of low-end torque. The 2-speed gearbox is mounted directly to the spindle motor and power is transmitted to the main spindle by V-belts, full HP is developed at 125 RPMs. (Full C Axis is standard for M-model) TURRET The 12-Station Heavy-Duty Tool Turret is hardened and ground for both high accuracy and durability. The turret has large (220mm) 8.7" diameter three-piece Curvic® coupling with (71kn) 15,950 lbs. of clamping force so high accuracy and heavy-duty cutting can be achieved. The 12-station turret holds any combination of 12-ID or 12-OD tools. The turret is a non-lifting servo driven design, which has a total next station index time of 2.0 seconds, including all clamping and unclamping times. (BMT-75 type turret with 3,000rpm and 15hp is used for the Mill/Drill version) LUBRICATION Automatic lubrication is provided to all guideways and ball screws. Maintenance free piston distributors deliver a precise quantity of oil to each lubrication point. The piston distributors are non-clogging and the design allows way lube consumption to be minimized. A low-level alarm prevents the machine from restarting until the oil reservoir is replenished. System pressure is monitored to detect & protect against open or broken lubrication lines. COOLANT SYSTEM A (2.2kW) 3.0 Hp high capacity multi-stage centrifugal pump delivers a high volume of coolant through the turret to ball nozzles at each turret station. The pump delivers (3 bar) 45 PSI of pressure, meeting the requirements of most insert drill manufacturers. The large coolant tank has a (320L) 85 gallon capacity. The coolant tank is isolated from the machine bed to prevent heat transfer. The combined tank and chip pan pull out for easy cleaning. CHIP GUARDS Chips and coolant are contained by the fully enclosed guarding made of heavy gauge sheet metal. The front door opens wide to accommodate large parts. The door opens and closes automatically to facilitate easy part loading and faster cycle times. PROGRAMMABLE HIGH / LOW CHUCKING Using the new high / low chucking feature, chucking pressure can be automatically changed in the machine cycle. Set each of the two pressure reducing values to the desired operating pressure, then program the pressure change by M-code. The chuck must open and close between pressure changes. This feature is useful for double sided and thin walled parts. TOOL MONITORING SYSTEM The Fanuc tool monitoring system monitors the load on all axis and spindle motors. High and low limits can be set for tools. There are wear and breakage settings. If used in conjunction with Tool Life Management, the machine can be set to switch to a redundant tool when the wear signal is output. A breakage signal stops the machine. There is a simple teach mode. This allows the operator to run through a cycle to establish normal loads and set initial load values. FANUC EMBEDDED ETHERNET FUNCTION The Fanuc Embedded Ethernet Function allows convenient exchange of NC programs, tool offset data, and system parameters between the Fanuc control and either a single personal computer (PC) with a network card, or with a network station FANUC 0iTF CONTROL 3 Controllable axes: Two axis turning centers: 2 (X, Z) Turning centers with Mill/Drill: 3 (X, Z, C) High resolution 8.4” color LCD display Digital AC servos and spindle drive Program storage size (512 kb) Backlash compensation Self-diagnostic functions Standard programming features: -Spindle orientation -Addition of custom macro variables Direct drawing (line/angle) programming Peck drilling canned cycle (G83) -Circular interpolation by radius designation Absolute/incremental programming -Rigid tapping -Multiple repetitive cycle type 2 (pocketing) Decimal point programming -Dwell (revolutions or seconds) Skip function (G31) Programmable data input (G10) -Polar coordinate interpolation (note 1) Helical interpolation -Chuck and Tailstock barrier High-Speed Skip -G Code System A/ B/ C Stored stroke check 1, 2 and 3 Exact stop mode -0.0001” minimum programmable increment Fanuc Embedded Ethernet function -400 registerable programs Constant surface speed control -PCMCIA slot (for memory or modem card) Fanuc Tool monitoring system -USB Port -Custom Macro -Interruption type custom macro Background Editing -Programmable work shift (G54 - G59) Tool nose radius compensation (G40-42) Inch/metric programming -Multiple repetitive cycles (G70 - G76) Canned cycles (G90, G92, G94) Reference point return (G27 - G30) -Subprogram - 10 folds nested F10/11 tape format -Continuous thread cutting 2nd reference point return Cylindrical interpolation Variable Lead Thread Cutting -3rd/4th reference point return Manual absolute on and off Chamfering on /off -Multiple lead thread cutting Standard operation features: -Tool path graphic display Tool life management -Extended tool life management Parts counter display Additional block skip -Direct input of offset value measured Keyboard type manual data input (MDI) Incremental offset -On screen axis load meter display Feed rate override -Multi Language Display (18 choices) Operation history display -Help function -Cut and paste editing functions Password function -64 pairs of tool offsets Geometry and wear offsets Run hour display -Thread cutting retract Automatic tool offset calculation Input/output interface (RS232C) Program protect key -On-screen spindle load meter display Rapid traverse override -Spindle speed override Alarm history display External message display Clock function -Canned cycle graphic assist input -.00001” program & offset increment (note 3)

2017 Honor Seiki VL-86M Vertical Turning & Boring Center

2017 Honor Seiki VL-86M Vertical Turning & Boring Center