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Laser Cutting Systems

Boder  is a top fiber laser manufacturer, featuring more reliable performance, high speed & precision cutting. Featuring self-developed products, a worldwide network of service and over 150 R&D Engineers. Active in 150+ Countries.  Reddot Award 2018 Winner.



High power laser cutting machines                       (G&S Series)

Fiber laser cutting machines                                  (P,E & F Series)

High precision laser cutting machines                 (i5 & i3)

Sheet & Tube laser cutting machines                    (P-t, E-t, F-T)

Laser tube cutting machines                                   (X160, T230, X260, X160A, T230A, X260A)

Laser coil cutting machines                                    (C Series)

Laser engraving machines                                      (BCL series)

Laser marking machines                                         (BML Series)


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