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Doosan Daewoo Lathes & Mills

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240 MSC DOOSAN 240 MSC Stock #:403678Year:2007Description:Doosan 240MSC CNC Turning Center w/ Sub and Live New 2007 DNM 5700 DOOSAN DNM 5700 Stock #:600153Year:2016Description:Doosan DNM-5700 CNC Vertical Machining Center DNM-400HS DOOSAN DNM-400HS Stock #:342984Year:2011Description:Doosan DNM-400HS Vertical Machining Center New 2011 DNM500 DOOSAN DNM500 Stock #:404918Year:2010Description:Doosan DNM-500 CNC Vertical Machining Center New 2010 HC400 DOOSAN HC400 Stock #:404735Year:2013Description:Doosan HC-400M Horizontal Machining Center New in 2013 HM8000 DOOSAN HM8000 Stock #:404644Year:2012Description:Doosan HM-8000 Horizontal Machining Center New in 2012 MV3016LD DOOSAN MV3016LD Stock #:400066Year:2007Description:2007 Doosan MV-3016LD CNC Vertical Machining Center with Through Spindle Coolant & Chip Conveyor MYNX6500 DOOSAN MYNX6500 Stock #:404693Year:2014Description:Doosan Mynx 6500 Vertical Machining Center New in 2014 PUMA DOOSAN PUMA Stock #:404692Year:2012Description:Doosan Puma 3100XLY CNC Turning Center New in 2012 PUMA 1800SY DOOSAN PUMA 1800SY Stock #:600184Year:2011Description:2011 Doosan Puma TT-1800SY Twin Spindle/Turret CNC Turning Center with Live/ Static Tooling Package, FMB Bar Loader and Cool-Jet High Pressure Pump. PUMA 2100 DOOSAN PUMA 2100 Stock #:403892Year:2012Description:Doosan Puma 2100 Horizontal Turning Center New in 2012 PUMA 240B DOOSAN PUMA 240B Stock #:400180Year:2005Description:Doosan Puma 240B CNC Lathe New in 2005 PUMA 240C DOOSAN PUMA 240C Stock #:403695Year:2004Description:Doosan Puma 240C CNC Turning Center New in 2004 PUMA 2600SY DOOSAN PUMA 2600SY Stock #:404699Year:2015Description:Doosan Puma 2600SY CNC Turning Center w/ Sub Spindle & Y-Axis New 2015 PUMA 280 DOOSAN PUMA 280 Stock #:600149Year:2008Description:Doosan Puma 280 CNC Turning Center New 2008 Very Clean PUMA 280LM DOOSAN PUMA 280LM Stock #:404669Year:2006Description:Doosan Puma 280LM CNC Turning Center * C-Axis * Live Tool * New 2006 PUMA 300LC DOOSAN PUMA 300LC Stock #:403713Year:2008Description:Doosan Puma 300LC CNC Turning Center New in 2008 PUMA 600-LY DOOSAN PUMA 600-LY Stock #:402108Year:2017Description:Doosan Puma 600-LY CNC Turning Center New in 2017 PUMA GT2100 DOOSAN PUMA GT2100 Stock #:404917Year:2014Description:Doosan Puma GT-2100 CNC Turning Center New 2014 S310N DOOSAN S310N Stock #:600295Year:2003Description:Doosan S310N CNC Turning Center New 2003 S310N DOOSAN S310N Stock #:404629Year:2004Description:2004 Doosan S310N CNC Turning Center with Tailstock, Turbo Chip Conveyor & Parts Catcher V8300M DOOSAN V8300M Stock #:403990Year:2019Description:Doosan V8300N Vertical Turning Center with Milling New in 2019