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Stock #:
2005 Tsugami BU-26SY CNC Swiss Gang Slide/Turret Lathe with LNS Express Bar Feed, HPC, Tooling,
7.3 hp
5,000 RPM
# Axis:
Swiss, Chucker or Convertible?:
Main Spindle Indexing:
Full C
Sub Spindle Indexing:
5 degree
Live Back Working Tools?:
Fanuc 18iTB2 CNC Control
Full C Axis Control on Main Spindle
C Axis Indexing on Sub Spindle (5 Degree Resolution)
Chip Blaster J4BW1SS 5-Channel High Pressure Coolant System (M Code Controlled)
LNS Hydrobar Express 332 Bar Loader
Probably a 29mm and a 17mm channel set (to be confirmed)
Collets and Guide Bushings Included
Mayfran Side Discharge Chip Conveyor
Machine Leveling Pads.
All Available Books & Manuals.
Misc Tool Holders, Collets and Guide Bushings Including Some offset Tool Holders on Turret and a Single & Double Offset Holder in the photos

Two machines shown - Only one available (other has been sold)
To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct. 
It is the buyer’s responsibility to confirm all details and we encourage an inspection of the machine(s) and accessories prior to purchase.          

General Specifications:
Main Spindle 
Bar Capacity:                           1.000" 
Turning Lengths:                        9.842 " per Stroke
Indexing Increments:                   Full C-Axis (.001 deg)
Speeds:                                 6000 RPM

Bar Capacity:                           1.000 " 
Speed:                                  200 - 5000  
Drive Motor:                            7.3 hp
Index Increment (Degrees):              5° Indexing (C Optional) 
Axis Specifications 
STD. Number of Axes: 8
Axis/       Travel/       Traverse rate/   Feed rate 
X1 (STD.)   1.378 Inch    472 IPM          236 IPM 
Z1 (STD.)   9.842 Inch    944 IPM          236 IPM 
C1 (STD.)   360.000 Deg.
Y1 (STD.)   9.448         472 IPM          236 IPM 
X2 (STD.)   4.330 Inch    472 IPM          236 IPM 
Z2 (STD.)   5.511 Inch    944 IPM          236 IPM 
Y2 (STD.)   3.149 Inch    393 IPM          236 IPM 
Z3 (OPT.)   11.220 Inch   944 IPM          236 IPM 

Live Tool Speed:          5000 RPM
Live Tool Motor:          (HP): 15.0

Type/       Gang-Slide/   Turret
-Max. number of tools 
Turning     7             8  
Rotary      2             4  
Square      0.500 " 
Round       0.750 "       1.000 " 
Rotary      0.250 "       0.500 " 
Rotary tooling 
Horse power .7            1.9  
Speed       8000 rpm      5400 rpm
There are a number of tools offered that allow for 2 - 4 tools on one holder

On-Center Mill Drill Standard with 'C' Axis 
Off-Center Mill Drill Standard with 'Y' Axis 

Floor layout: Length: 137 " x Width: 80 " x Height: 69 "

 The Tsugami BU26Y (1" capacity) is a benchmark that sets the rules for
power, rigidity, and longevity; it is the future of the Swiss-type machine
* Now, taking advantage of new control technology with Fanuc 18iT control,
increased power and drives it's more efficient than ever.  
* A wide assortment of driven tools for the rear turret driven tool stations
is available, also included are driven cross tools on the front slide, making
this the most flexible of models. 
* An 8-station turret (3-axis), plus an independent gang tool slide with
driven tools permits many simultaneous functions. Balanced turning, balanced
threading, simultaneous front and back working. 
* Standard are a 15hp main spindle, 7.5hp sub-spindle with through feed
capability, 8-axis including x1,x2,z1,z2,z3, and y. Excellent for complex

Machine:    133" x 83" x 101" 12,100 lbs
Coolant/Chip Pan:         80" x 62" x 23" 250 lbs