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Stock #:
2013 Swistek RB20Y CNC Swiss Lathe with HPC, Edge Minuteman 320, Fire Supression, Mist Collector, Chip Conveyor
5 hp
10,000 RPM
# Axis:
Swiss, Chucker or Convertible?:
Main Spindle Indexing:
Full C
Sub Spindle Indexing:
Full C
Fanuc 32iB CNC Control
Edge Minuteman 320SE Barfeed s/n P4201249459
Fire Suppression System with Auto Shutoff Interface (Never Activated but Inspected Regularly)
Removable Guide Bushing
TriMist Mist Collector
MP Systems V-2H08 High Pressure Coolant System
Auto Chip Conveyor with Cart
All Available Tooling

*Machine Hours: 19,360
To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct. 
It is the buyer’s responsibility to confirm all details and we encourage an inspection of the machine(s) and accessories prior to purchase.          

General Specifications:
Control: Fanuc 32iB
Axes: 8-Axis
Machining Diameter: 0.90"
Length of Stroke: (single chucking) 9.84" with Guide Bushing Housing. 2.95" Max non Guide Bushing.
Spindle Bore ID: 1.04"
Main Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Back Spindle Speed: 8,000 RPM
Front Drilling Diameter: 3/8"
Front Tapping Diameter (Tap, Die): M10
C-Axis Main Spindle and Sub Spindle: 1ᵒ
Drilling Diameter of Gang Rotary Cross Tools: 3/8"
Tapping Diameter of Gang Rotary Tool: M8
Spindle Speed of Gang Rotary Tool: 8,000 RPM
Chuck Diameter of Back Spindle: 0.78"
Workpiece Length for Front Side Ejection: 4.3"
Drilling Diameter in Back Machining Process: 3/8"
Tapping Diameter in Back Machining Process: M10 (M8 live)
Number of Tools to be Mounted: Up to 38
Turning Tools on Gang Tool Post: 6

Rotary tools for cross machining
Tools for Front Drilling: 6 + Optional Live
8 + optional 4 Y, 3 Live Front
Optional back turning 1 +2 optional

Tool Size
Stick Tool (gang tool post): 1/2" x 1/2"
End Working Sleeve Size: 7/8"

Chuck Collet and Guide Bushings
Main Spindle Collet Chuck TF25
Back Spindle Collet Chuck TF25
Rotary Tool Collet Chuck ER16
Chuck for drill sleeves ER16/ER11
Guide Bushing TD25S

Rapid Feed Rates: 1,260 IPM

Main Spindle: 5HP Continuous
Tool Spindle Drive: 1.5 HP
Sub Spindle Drive: 3 HP Continuous
Air Pressure and Air Flow Rate: 0.5MPa – 90NL/min

Weight and Dimensions
Machine Weight: 6,000 lbs
Machine Dimensions: 112” x 55” x 79”