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Star SW-12RII CNC Swiss Lathe, low hours New in 2018
0.5 "
FMB MiniTurbo 220 Magazine Bar Feed
Mist Collector
New England High Pressure Coolant, 2000 psi w/ heat exchanger
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General Specifications:
   Machining Diameter:                    1/2"
   Headstock Stroke:                      5-5/16"
   No. of Turning Tools:                  Front:5/Rear:2

4-Spindle Sleeve Holder:
   No. of Tools:                          Front:4/Rear:4
   Drilling Capability:                   25/64"
   Tapping Capability:                    M10 X P1.5

Power Driven Attachment:
   No. Of Tools:                          4-10 Tools
   Drilling Capability:                   ER16: 9/32"
                                          ER11: 15/64"

   Tapping Capability:                    ER16: M6 X P1.0
                                          ER11: M5 X P0.8

   Spindle Speed:                         ER16: 6,000 RPM
                                          ER11: 10,000 RPM

   Drive Motor:                           1.0kW / 1.2kW
   Rapid Feed Rate:                       35m/min
   Main Spindle Indexing Angle:           C-Axis Control
   Main Spindle Speed:                    15,000 RPM
   Main Spindle Motor:                    2.2kW/3.7kW

Back working Attachment:
   Chucking Diameter:                     33/64"
   Length for Front Ejection:             3-5/32"
   Work Projection Length:                1-11/64"

4-Spindle Back working Unit:
   No. of Tools:                          4
   Drilling Capability:                   Stationary: 5/16"
                                          Power Driven: 15/64"

   Tapping Capability:                    Stationary: M6 x P1.0
                                          Power Driven Att.: M5 x P0.8

   Sub Spindle Indexing:                  C-Axis Control
   Sub Spindle Speed:                     12,000 RPM
   Sub Spindle Motor:                     0.55kW / 1.1 kW

Machine Dimensions:                       81" x 46" x 69"
Machine Weight:                           3,858 lbs