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Stock #:
2020 Bumotec S-191H 7-Axis Linear Turn-Mill Center (like new) Includes INSTALLATION & TRAINING, if required ONLY 200 RUN HOURS SAVE BIG!
# Axis:
20 hp
30,000 RPM
# ATC:
Note: Available (price on request) Installation & training

FANUC 31iB5 CNC Control w/ CNC options pack for turning functions
-J855 Constant surface speed control
-J875 Chamfer and corner R
-J877 Multiple repetitive cycles
-J930 Tool nose radius compensation
-S630 Diameter/Radius dyn. Settings

Turn-mill function Option T
Spindle rpm (C1) increase to 6'000 rpm (8'000 rpm option available) 1 x
Renishaw" OMP 40 measuring probe, Infrared communication
Renishaw Tool monitoring via laser and setting probe
Parallel Jaw Vise
Through Spindle Coolant
Finished part conveyor
Mist extractor
LNS MH500 Filter chip conveyor

See attached PDF file for full details

This machine was only used as a demo and in is mint condition, packed for shipping by Starrage technicians and is significantly discounted
Technical characteristics of basic machine:
Machine set up for 50mm (1.9") diameter

X- Travel: 16" (400mm)  W/ 10 hp Motor
Y- Travel: 7.87" (200mm) w/ 6.5 hp motor
Z- Travel: 15.7 (410mm)  w/ 9.6hp motor
Resolution X-Y-Z-W: 0.0001 mm
Main Spindle power: 20 hp

Power (direct drive)	kW	15
Torque S1 S2 S3	Nm	41 / 51 / 68
Rpm turning	°/min	6.000
Rpm milling	°/min	90.000
Clamping force		F = 4.900 at 6 bar / FT = 38.000 N at 30 bar
Resolution	°	0.0001
Bar capacity	mm	51
Clamping systems		F38 / Ottet / Mecatool / Jaw-Chuck

Tilt axis B (direct drive) 32 and 50 mm
Torque cont./max	Nm	106/226
Tilting speed	°/min	36.000 (7.500°/s2) (0 at 90° in 0.35 sec)
Blocking torque	Nm	200
Resolution	°	0.0001
Tilting range	°	-25 / +115

Milling spindle 32 and 50 mm
Power S1/S6	kW	8
Torque S1/S6	Nm	S1=9.5 / S6=11.5
Max. rpm	rpm	30.000 (40.000 option)
Tool holder camping force	N	2.000 N
Locking system		Mechanical locking with straight gears
Tool interface		HSK-A-40
Max. through spindle coolant pressure	bar	100 (option)

Tool changer
Capacity		90; HSK 40 
N° of turning tools		All tools possible
Tool change time	sec	1.2
Chip-to-chip time	sec	3.2
Max. Tool weight	kg	1.2
Max. Tool diameter	mm	40 (80 if adjacent tool pockets are empty)
Max. Tool length	mm	130 (150 mm on one tool magazine disc)

Sub spindle (A-axis)
Power (direct drive)	kW	15
Torque S1 / S2 / S3	Nm	22/27/36
Rpm turning	°/min	6.000
Rpm milling	°/min	90.000
Clamping force		9.500 N at 5 bar
Resolution	°	0.0001

Heidenhain rotary glass scale Resolution: 0.0001 deg
Precision positioning: μm 2 in 1.26 
Rotation speed (C) 6,000 rpm
Clamping force
-F 1100 lbs at 87 PSI
-F 9700 lbs at 652 PSI

Main spindle C1 = Horizontal indexing / turning

Shipping Dimensions:
Machine in Crate:  124" x 91" x 100" 10,000 lbs
Misc. Items in Crate:  149" x 90" x 84" 5,000 lbs

The machines of the s191H series are suitable for turning, milling and grinding of 
individual parts or from bar (diameters: 32, 50 and 65 mm) in a single setting. The series
has an extremely versatile modular structure, which means that it is possible to build any 
kind of machines from standardized modules for various machining tasks – including a
machining center with seven axes and three spindles.

The CNC Bumotec s191H Linear turn-mill center is suitable for complete machining of very 
complex six sided parts. Linear motors ensure maximum precision and reliable 
repeatability in the machining of parts. Thanks to the combination of the rapid linear 
drive (acceleration: 1.1 g; speed: 50 m/min) with a high-resolution Renishaw measurement 
system (resolution: 1/100 µm) and a stabilized cooling circuit for all heat-generating 
elements, the s191H Linear achieves excellent productivity. A unique feature is the 
high-speed spindle (150,000 rpm), on which it is possible not only to turn and mill 
ceramic parts but, using different grinding discs (measuring 0.5 to 80 mm), they can also 
be dry-ground.

Linear driven motors and direct-driven rotation axis
Extensive features with a maximum of 7 axes and 3 spindles
Unique spindle with high torque
Universal bar machining (bar passage: 50mm)
Large tool changer for 90 HSK40 tools