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2017 Ganesh Gen-Mill T-700 Milling, Drilling & Tapping Center with Chip Conveyor *Available Mid-June*
24 "
16 "
12 "
7.5 hp
0 rpm
Mitshubishi M80 CNC Control
21 Station Tool Changer
Chip Conveyor with Cart
To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct.
It is the buyers responsibility to confirm ALL details prior to purchase.

*Machine to be available in Mid-June*

Axis Travel
   X-Axis:                                27.56"        700mm
   Y-Axis:                                16.93"        430mm
   Z-Axis:                                12.99"        330mm
   Spindle Nose To Table Surface:         5.1"-18.1"    130-460mm
   Spindle Centerline To Column:          18.89"        480mm

Work Table
   Table Surface Dimension (X/Y):         33.04" x 15.75"850 x 400mm
   T-Slot Dimension/Spacing:              3-14mm Slots  125mm Spacing
   Table Height:                          35" Above Floor890mm
   Table Weight for Accuracy:             550 lbs       250 KG

   Spindle Motor:                         Mitsubishi DJ-D5.5/120-01 - 7.5 HP
   Spindle Motor Coupling:                Inline Direct Drive
   Spindle Speed:                         12,000 RPM    
   Synchronous Tapping Speed Limit:       6,000 RPM
   Tapping Performance:                   M20 x 2.5 AluminumM14x2.0 Steel 
   Drilling Performance:                  38mm Aluminum 25mm Steel
   Spindle Torque:                        26 ft-lb @ 1500 RPM
   Tool Type:                             BT#30         4 Bearing Spindle
                                                        2 Top - 2 Bottom
   Spindle Bearing - Inner Diameter:      40mm          P4 Class
                                                        7 Steel Ball Bearings
   Spindle Material / Hardness:           SCM415        HRC 58-62
   Retention System / Holding:            MAS-P30T-1    Bellville Spring Stack
                                                        1650-1760 lbs
   Spindle Runout:                        <0.000040" TIR / Pull Stud USST B30-4500H

Axis Feeds (X/Y/Z)
   Rapid Traverse:                        2,362 IPM     60/60/60m/minute
   Rated Cutting Feedrate:                0.04 - 1181 IPM30/30/30m/minute
   Mechanical Way System:                 Roller Ways   Cross Roller 30/30/35
   Axis Drive Motor Power:                2 HP /3 HP    1.5 kw/2.2 kw w/ Brake
   Axis Thrust Force:                     3,335lbs/3,692lbs14840 N/16430 N
   Ballscrews:                            32mm          16mm Pitch
   Positioning Accuracy:                  +0.00015"     +0.004mm
   Positioning Reapeatability:            +0.00008"     +0.002mm
   Least Input Command Increment:         0.0001" / 0.000040"0.001mm 40 Millionths

Tool Changer
   Tool Capacity:                         21-Tools      Drum turret
   Tool Shank:                            BT#30         MAS P30T-1 Pull Stud
   Tool Change Time:                      1.6 Sec       Servo Motor Driven
   Tool Diameter with Adjacent Tool:      2.36"/3.15"   60mm/80mm w/No Tool
   Tool Length / Max. Tool Weight:        7.87"/6.6 lbs 200mm/ 3 kg
   Tool Selection / Tool Access:          Random        Bi-Directional

   Air Service Requirements:              85 psi @ 5 scfm6 kg/cm2
   Electrical Requirements:               16kva, 40 Apms22vac+5%, 60hz 
   Coolant Pump - Chip Flush Pump:        1.0 HP        .75kw
   Cutting Tools - HP / Pressure:         1.0 HP / 45 PSI.75kw
   Coolant Tank Capacity:                 40 Gallons    150 Liters
   Machine Dimesnions:                    73"x87"x95"   185x221x241 cm
   Machine Weight:                        6,770 lbs     3,070 kg