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Chevalier FSG-1632ADII Precision Surface Grinder New in 2007
To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct. It
is the buyer's responsibility to confirm all details and we encourage an
inspection of the machine(s) and accessories prior to purchase.          

Equipped With:
   Hydraulically Actuated Longitudinal Table Feed
   Electromechanically Actuated Feed of Saddle
   AC Servo Vertical Drive
   Pendant Mounted and  Microprocessor Controlled Automatic Incremental
Downfeed of Grinding Wheelhead from 0.00005" - 0.002" in Surface or Plunge
Modes of Operation.
   Fully Automatic Grinding Cycle Including Rapid Advanced of Grinding
Wheelhead, 0-7 Sparkout Passes, and Retraction of Wheelhead to a Pre-Set
Distance at the Completion of the Cycle.
   Table and Saddle Guide Ways Made of Special Steel Rails with High Accuracy
Steel Rollers
   Precision Needle Roller Bearings used on the Elevating Guide Ways
   Fine (Micro) Feeds Graduated to .00005" for Vertical & Cross Feeds
   Kanetsu Fine Division "LBP" Electro-Magnetic Chuck with a Pendant Mounted
Potentimeter for Variable Holding Power and a Selector Switch for Automatic
Demagnetization of Work Piece
   Coolant System with Paper Filtration & Magnetic Seperator
   Power "Over the Wheel" Dresser, .00025" Graduation
   Sony LH70-2 Two Axis DRO
   Yakasawa V1000 Electronic Variable Speed Drive for the Grinding Spindle
   External Hydraulic Pump and Tank

General Specifications:
   Table Size:                            15-3/4" x 31-1/2"
   Grinding Capacity:                     16" x 32"
   Longitudinal Table Travel, Hydraulic:  32-5/8"
   Longitudinal Table Trabel, Manual:     33-3/8"
   Crossfeed Travel, Automatic:           16"
   Crossfeed Travel, Manual:              18"
   Spindle Center to Table:               24-3/8"
   Variable Table Speed, Hydraulic:       16 - 82 FPM
   Automatic Crossfeed Increment:         1/8" - 2"
   Crossfeed Handwheel, Per Graduation:   0.0025"
   Per Revolution:                        0.25"
   Microfeed, Per Revolution:             0.005"
   Per Graduation:                        0.00005"
   Automatics Incremental Downfeed:       0.000050" - .002"
   Auto Downfeed Dial Per Graduation:     0.0005"
   Per Revolution:                        0.05"
   Microfeed:                             0.00005" / .0001"
   Rapid Traverse Rate:                   8 IPM
   Spindle Motor:                         5 HP
   Grinding Wheel Size:                   14" x 2" x 5"

Machine Dimensions:                       102" x 69" x 75"
Machine Weight:                           6,400 lbs