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Eurotech Zeit 42 SLB-B (PoLy Gim 42CLS) Swiss Lathe * B-axis * Magazine Loader * * New 2013 *
1.5 "
10.1 hp
5000 rpm
# Axis:
12' MTA Magazine Bar Loader
Programmable B-axis for angular drilling and milling
Chip Conveyor, Low profile type to allow for long part extraction
Chip cart for low discharge chip conveyor
Long Part Tray for Sub Spindle Ejection
Light Tower
All available Manuals

Available (Price on Request)
High Pressure Coolant System
Mist collector
Fire Suppression System
Turnkey and training
Specifications are from OEM brochure and equipped with items are described
to our best knowledge. All items should be confirmed by buyer.

FOB Truck

General Specifications per Manufacturer

Working Range
Max. Machining Dia. 42 mm
Max. Maching Length Per Chucking 268 mm
Max. Drilling Dia. 26 mm
Max. Tapping Dia. M16

Tooling System
O.D. Tooling 6
O.D. Tool Dimension 16 x 16 x 120 mm
(Front) I.D. Tooling 2
Tool Dimension 13 mm (ER20)
(Back) I.D Tooling 4
Tool Dimension 13 mm (ER20)
Cross Tooling 6
Tool Dimension 13 mm (ER20)
Speed 200~6000 r.p.m.
(Optional) Bevel Drill/Mill Tooling 8
Tool Dimension 13 mm (ER20)
Speed 100~6000 r.p.m.
(Optional) Front Drilling Tooling 2
Tool Dimension 13 mm (ER20)
Speed 200~6000 r.p.m.
(Optional) Back Drilling Tooling 3
Tool Dimension 13 mm (ER20)
Speed 100~4000 r.p.m.

Spindle Hole Dia. 42 mm
Spindle Speed 200~5000 r.p.m.
Indexing Spindle Orientation C axis
(Optional) CS Axis Indexing Orient. 0.001 degree

Back Spindle
Back Spindle Hole Dia. 42 mm
Back Spindle Speed 200~5000 r.p.m.
Indexing Back Spindle Orientation 5 degree
(Optional) C Axis Indexing Orienta C axis
Max. Length for Front Ejection 70 mm
Max. Workpiece Projection Length
from The Back Spindle 120 mm
Max. Back Drilling Dia. 16 mm
Max. Back Tapping Dia. M12

Rapid Speed
X1 / Z1 / Y1 Axis 30 m/min
X2 / Z2 / Y2 Axis 30 m/min

Main Spindle Motor 7.5 kw
Back Spindle Motor 7.0 kw
X1 / X2 / Y2 / B Axis Motor 1.0 kw
Z1 / Y1 / Z2 Axis Motor 0.5 kw
Cross / Bevel Driven Spindle Motor 1.5 kw
Back Off-center Driven Spindle Motor 1.0 kw
Coolant Pump 0.75 kw x 2
Lubrication 4 w x 2

Machine Dimensions
Center Height 960 mm
Weight 4240 kg
Machine Dimension 2190 x 1530 x 1800

Air Pressure
Air Pressure 5 kg / cm
Air Supply 10 L / min