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JF BERNS Spindle Liners
Spindle Liners
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New Spindle Liners
NEW Spindle Liners from JF Berns:

Spindle liners (also referred to as filler tubes, reductions
tubes or master liners), are used to reduce the I.D. of a CNC lathe spindle,
usually to .030-.060" over the diameter of the bar being machined.  The result
is faster machining speeds and closer machining tolerances.  They are used in
lathes often in conjunction with barfeeders, bar loaders and bar pullers.

Easy to order: Minimal information required - usually just lathe make & model 

Ready to use: Includes mounting holes, screws for attaching to the lathe,
adapters if required, and stock size marked on every spindle liner. No
drilling is required! 

Free Extensions: When required to increase lathe bar stock length capacity 

Variety of Materials: Steel; Hybrid Style of Steel & Urethane (patent
pending); Phenolic; Nylatron & more. 

Any Stock Shape: Liners can be made for hex, square, irregular shapes, etc. 

Options: Liners can be honed to special IDs, hardened, lined with non-metal
materials and more. 

Quick Change Spindle Liners: With this patented system, a spindle liner can be
exchanged in a matter of seconds without tools or loose pieces such as screws
or retaining rings.  After inserting the liner through the adapter into the
lathe, rotating the liner 30 degrees puts it into the locked position and the
spring loaded pull pin keeps liner in place until the next change is made. 
The price of quick change spindle liner is the same as our standard liners. 
Each CNC Lathe will require the purchase of one quick change adapter.

The FACTS on Metal Spindle Liners
They can be made with extensions to increase the lathe spindle capacity 
The weight of the spindle liner is negligible compared to the capacity of the
lathe and does not increase spindle bearing or drive wear - they also do not
decrease the maximum turning speed of the lathe. 
They can be made with extremely thin walls to maximize the capacity of the
Less likely than non-metal liners to 'pickup' metal chips that can scratch the
Metal spindle liners can be hardened to 70 rockwell for even less scratching
Extremely durable 
Little to no vibration when sized properly 
We offer the patented Quick Change Spindle Liners for no tool changeovers 
Because the spindle liner rotates with the stock, metal to metal contact does
not create any noise louder than the lathe itself 
Metal spindle liners are quickly re-workable 
Specials (such as 2 or 3 part liners) can be designed and manufactured 

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